All platters come on disposable boards.

Platters Include:

Variety of cheeses, Cured meat, Falafel, Olives, Peppers stuffed with cheese, Sun blushed tomatoes, Cornichon, Fruit, Dried fruit, Nuts, Crackers , Chutney.



Feeds up to 6



Feeds up to 8



Feeds up to 12


£50 one size

Macarons, Tarts, Chocolate truffles, Chocolate brownies, Nougat.


£50 small - Feeds up to 8

£90 medium - Feeds up to 12

Includes seasonal vegetables with hummus

Fruit Platter

Small £45 (feeds up to 8)
medium £85 (feeds up to 12)


Smoked salmon, Cornichon, Dill, Blinis, Lemon, Cream cheese, Capers, Hard boiled eggs.



Serves up to 8



Serves up to 12

Fresh Ingredients

Rosemary & Brie uses fresh and seasonal ingredients to make affordable, tasty and nourishing meals. We use local suppliers for the best results.

Trusted Hands

Having years of experience in the food industry and chef training, we can supply quality grazing experiences for any size event!

Local Delivery

If you’re within a 5 mile radius of Rosemary & Brie’s operating area, we’ll deliver for free. Just another way we’re helping local foodies!

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